Lodge LFSR3 Fajita Pan Product Review

Cooking In Cast Iron

 Start to Finish with the Lodge LFSR3 Fajita Pan


Cooking In Cast Iron Fajita Pan

A Lot of Fun in One Set!


There’s an old saying – “Why Warm Up if Your Not Going to Pitch”  and this particular item fits that idea to a tee. If you’re a CCIJ (Certifiable Cast Iron Junkie) this is a must have for your collection. As a lot of restraunts have discovered, there is a certain appeal to bringing a sizzling pan of food directly to the table for serving. This great little pan makes that happen at home. As a set, it includes both a nice little mit, and a very nice, solid wooden trivet to set the hot pan on. While in our estimation more of a serving pan than a cooking pan due to the shallow sides, it can also be used for smaller dishes as well (think crepes).



Using Your New Pan

Depending on the number of servings being prepared, figure 1 of these for 2 people. Lodge recommends placing them in the oven to heat, but a stove top burner on medium works well  for smaller crowds. Spray with cooking oil before heating and it’s perfect. Wash in hot water with a scant amount of soap (a couple of drops of mild detergent an a sponge to roll up the excess oil), and dry thoroughly with a paper towel. We usually give it another very light coat of spray oil and a wipe before storing it. All in all just a lot of hot and tasty fun!

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