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Cast Iron Wok Stir Frying is a healthy alternative for food preparation and a good wok is an essential to preparing great meals. There are a number of different styles of woks available ranging from electric non-stick to stainless steel with a ring for the bottom. We’ve tried a number of them and they all fail for the same reason: They don’t hold heat. Good stir frying requires hot oil and getting the ingredients in and out quickly. So we elected a cast iron wok as a replacement for our aging collection of electric and stove-top varieties we’ve collected over the years. This particular unit caught our eye’s as it was touted to work on a number of different cooking surfaces and was delivered as a non-seasoned cast iron product.


It’s heavy. If you have any notions of using this in a fashion similar to what’s used in a carry out Chinese restaurants forget it. Think Mongolian BBQ and you’ll get the idea. On the other hand, it’s very stable on the cooking surface and stays in place when you’re scooping food out of it. It has to be seasoned before first use so plan on spending some time at this first.

 See us preparing our wok!

Once the wok is seasoned it’s ready to go. We started ours preparing a chicken and vegetable dish on a standard electric range, bringing the wok and oil up to medium first and increasing to medium high. We gave it a good 15 minutes to heat before adding the vegetables. We then transferred the vegetables to a bowl and stir fried the chicken, added the vegetables back for a minute and combining. Here’s the results:

Cast Iron Pan Store Stir Fry

Cast Iron Pan Store Stir Fry

Overall this wok should work great on a variety of indoor and outdoor cook surfaces. As mentioned before, it’s heavy and once it’s hot it stays hot. You’ll want heavy duty mitts to move it and let it cool completely before cleaning. Use hot water and a scant amount of mild detergent to roll up the excess oil and dry thoroughly with a paper towel before storing. A shot of spray cooking oil will help protect the surface between use.


This particular wok is currently unavailable at Amazon. A similar 14″ pre-seasoned unit from Lodge is also available from Amazon.

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