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Ingredient Review – Our Favorites

Cast Iron Pan Store - Mrs. Millers Noodles
Out of all the varieties of pasta available in today’s marketplace, my favorite remains the ever humble noodle. For pure comfort food nothing comes close to being as satisfying to both the palate and the stomach. Finding good store bought noodles can be a challenge since most of what’s available is usually bags full of thin extruded material that just won’t hold up to home cooking or freezing as leftovers. Great additions to soups, casseroles, or standalone with a bit of butter and Parmesan cheese, this is one of our absolute favorites.
Cast Iron Pan Store - Noodles and meat

Located in the Ohio Amish Country in Fredricksburg, Ohio, Mrs. Millers continues to make noodles and a variety of Jellies, Jams, and other products sure to delight the palate of anyone who appreciates good home cooking. You can visit them here.

For the stubborn who insist on rolling their own:

If you insist on homemade, here you go!
(From The Better Homes and Gardens New Cookbook)
1 beaten egg
2 Tbsp milk
1/2 tsp salt
Enough sifted flour to make a stiff dough (about 1 Cup)
Combine egg, milk and salt. Add flour until the dough is stiff. Roll out thin on a floured surface and let stand for 20 minutes. Roll up loosely and slice into 1/4″ , unroll, and let dry for 2 hours. Add to boiling soup or cook in boiling water for about 10 minutes. Yield about 3 cups cooked. Good Luck!

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