Cast Iron Pete’s Outdoor Cookin’

Time to load the Camper and the Kids and hit the road. Pete’s got a lot of ideas and supplies to make that camping trip special, not to mention tasty. Grab some cormeal to fry that prize fish and serve with hushpuppies in your favorite cast iron skillet. Put on a pot of Texas Red or some ham and beans for that true outdoor cooking experience. Charcoal, Wood or Gas, nothing lends itself to cooking over low heat quite like good ole cast iron cookware. See ya there!

— Pete

Get Started

Good outdoor cooking starts with good recipes. Here’s a couple of books to get you started.

Who should know more about cooking in the great outdoors than the Scouts. This book contains hudreds of recipes for dutch ovens and a variety of cooking methods such as fire pits, camp stoves and grills.
This Campsite companion features more than 100 hundred recipe’s that can be prepared with a number of techniques including dutch ovens and skillets (or on the end of a stick if you like). You’ll be champion of the wilderness with things such as Barbecue Chicken Pies and Sailor S’mores.



Got some good recipes, got the supplies, now it’s time for the pots and accessories.


Lodge 8 QT. Cast Iron Dutch Oven

Outdoor cooking in a dutch oven generally requires either hanging it from a tripod or placing hot coals on the top, bottom or both.This 8 qt. Dutch Oven with legs offers opportunities for a wide variety of cooking fuels and is large enough to feed a hungry crowd.



Lodge Dutch Oven Lid Lifter

This is a must have if you’re cooking over an open fire or have hot coals on the top of the Dutch Oven. Oven gloves and pot holders won’t keep you away from the fire and heat and cast iron burns are painful. Safely get the lid off the pot with this lid lifter.



Bayou Classic Tripod Stand

A perfect companion for any outdoor dutch oven. Sturdy enough to keep that pot at the perfect height above the fuel source.



Camp Chef Portable LP Outdoor Flame Pit

Into every every outdoor cooking extravaganza some rain eventually falls. This portable outdoor heat source will keep that pot of beans going.



Camp Chef Over-the-Fire Grill

A nice addition to the usual Pots and Skillets used in outdoor cooking. Holds more food than a skillet and can be placed  directly over the fire pit. Great for eggs and bacon, pancakes, or any other cooking task requiring a grill.



Lodge Cast Iron Combo Cooker

Here’s a nice little space saver to tuck into the camper. The skillet doubles as a lid for the Dutch Oven providing the best of both worlds for outdoor camping.