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Pan Grill it from Amazon

Pan Grill It

I did a mini review of the PAN GRILL IT a couple of years ago and since I like to collect unique cast iron I was interested in adding it to my collection. I put it off since I didn’t have a skillet large enough to accommodate it (requires something on the order of a Lodge 12″). After acquiring the proper sized skillet earlier this year, I was looking for a cool Christmas present this year . So, it was off to investigate the Pan Grill It again. This particular item is manufactured by Lodge which goes great with the rest of the Lodge items in the collection. While it was available from Amazon I purchased mine directly from the Pan Grill It website. It arrived a few days later and sat under the tree until Christmas cooking day arrived.

Basically the PAN GRILL IT is meant to be placed on the bottom of a suitably sized skillet to transform it into a grilling surface. Which is great because it eliminates the need to go out an purchase a separate cast iron grill and can be used on the stove top in the dead of winter. 


My first inclination was to drop it into the 12″ and grab a couple of nice strip steaks for it’s first workout. But after looking at the third picture above with it just nestled into the top of the 10″ I thought aha!, roasting pan. A 3lb. leg of lamb and some root vegetables later and I was ready to go.


The nice thing about roasting this way, at least to my thinking, is I like the broiler to stovetop, to oven approach. Keeps cleanup to a minimum and this little multitasker hasn’t seen the last from me by a long shot. If you don’t want, or have room for a lot of cast iron cookware in your kitchen a couple of plain skillets and a Pan Grill It is worth a serious look. Stay tuned.

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