Cast Iron Saute Pans are a bit rare due to their weight. The food flipping you’d normally associate with a regular saute pan is a bit difficult when the pan weighs in at 10 pounds. Our recommendations below include a unique lightweight cast iron saute pan, a regular Cast iron saute pan, and a sticker shock pan. Enjoy!


 Starfrit 8" Lite Cast Iron Pan
Starfrit 8″ Cast Iron Saute Pan
This light weight cast iron saute pan is produced in a metal mold rather than a sand mold which reduces it’s weight. Enjoy the advantages of cast iron without the heft!
Reviews and Ordering Information Here:Starfrit 32164 006 Eight Inch Light Cast Iron Fry Pan

Tramontina 10″ Saute Pan with Helper Handle
This is a nice Enamel Cast Iron Saute pan and since it’s a bit heavier has an assist handle oposite the regular handle for easy pick up.

 Mauviel 11.8" Round Pan
Mauviel M’Heritage 11.8″ Round Saute Pan
While this is a copper pot, it does have a cast iron handle. A bit pricey.
Reviews and Ordering Information Here:Mauviel M’Heritage M250C 6504.30 11.8 Inch Round Frying Pan, Cast Iron Handle