Cast Iron Steamers. Ok, we’ll admit we had to have some fun with these items. Like some of the cast iron cookware in our collection, there just isn’t a wide selection of these available. Listed below are some of the more unique items we’ve uncovered. Imagine the look on someones face when they open this unique gift. Imagine the look on your face when you find out it’s been re-gifted. As a note Cast Iron Steamers are used for humidifying your house and not cooking.


Cast Iron Steamers - ORCAMinuteman 2.2QT “ORCA” Steamer
For a Whale of a good time! Makes “Killer” Rice.
Reviews and Ordering Information Here: Minuteman International T-42 Orca Steamer, 2.2-Quart


Cast Iron Steamers - Cat
Woodeze Cat Cast Iron Steamer
Cats like warm places, but this is stretching things a bit! For the “Purrfect” Steamed Vegetables.

Reviews and Ordering information Here:  Cat Steamer


Cast Iron Steamers -Dragon
Minuteman 2.2QT Dragon Steamer
With this unique steamer, it’s always “The Year of the Dragon”. Watch out for the nose!

Reviews and Ordering Information Here:Minuteman International T-39 Dragon Steamer 2.2-Quart


Cast Iron Steamers - Locomotive
Train Woodstove Steamer
Now here’s a real Steam Locomotive! Fire up some great dishes with this one!

Reviews and Ordering Information Here:Train Woodstove Steamer, in Black