Cast Iron Woks just can’t be beat for stir frying.  Unlike flimsy steel or aluminum stovetop woks they retain heat at both the bottom and the sides which is must for stir frying. In comparison with plug in electric types there’s no contest. These very affordable woks will outlast any other non-stick and improve with use because they reseason themselves with every cooking. The flat bottom woks go straight on the burner while the round bottom woks require the use of a burner ring, but both benefit from the heating characteristics of cast iron. You’ll never use a flimsy one again!


Cast Iron Mongolian BBQGenghis Kahn 11″ Cast Iron Mongolian BBQ
Use with Portable Butane or Charoal Grill for tabletop cooking. Lots of tasty fun!
Reviews and Orderin Information Here: Mongolian BBQ Grill – Cast Iron


Stansport Cast Iron WokStansport 12″ Cast Iron Wok
Flat bottom design goes straight on the stovetop. No wok ring needed. Requires seasoning before use.
Reviews and Ordering Information Here:Stansport Cast Iron Wok or Stir Fry Skillet


Lodge Traditional Cast Iron Wok Lodge Pro Logic 14″ Cast Iron Wok, Traditional with Loop Handles
Flat bottom base goes straight on the gas or electric burner without the need for a ring. Uniform heating allows for frying the food instead of boiling it.
Reviews and Ordering Information Here: Lodge Pro Logic 14″ Cast Iron Wok, Black



Cast Iron Wok SetTraditional Chinese Cast Iron Wok Set
The rounded bottom require a ring to use, but sturdy the sturdy cast iron allows for uniform heating. Out performs the flimsier steel models at a similar price.
Reviews and Ordering Information Here:14 Inch Traditional Cast Iron Wokset




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