Cast Iron Pan Store Recipe Submission

Cast Iron Pan Store Recipe Submission Form

We love recipes and lots of them and who doesn’t.  So we invite you to submit one of your favorites for all to see and enjoy right here. Why put them in an obscure Facebook file collection where they’ll never be seen again! A few ground rules before you decide to register:

  • We require you to register with us first before submitting your recipe, for obvious reasons. It’s entirely free and spam free and  this gives us a way to contact you and tell you how wonderful you are. In addition, we can let you know how wonderful others think you are. If your concerned or nervous, please read our privacy policy and disclosure statement .
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  • Your work only. Ok to try a recipe out and submit it, but no verbatim copying allowed. We do check this you know. As proof, you have to submit a picture along with the recipe that you yourself took, We check that also.
  • As much as possible please stick with ingredients listed in the drop downs, but if you have a special one that’s OK too. This make it easier to calculate nutritional values. Metric values good to go.
  • Please check our submission guidelines out first. Eliminate the heartburn of publishing before you start. If you need help, contact us and we’ve got you back.
  • And finally, above all, have fun. Be sure to share your recipe with friends, or wherever. It’s your show.


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