Woman Cooking in Cast Iron SkilletsOf all the cast iron products available, the skillet remains the “King of Cast Iron Cookware”. Culinary lovers everywhere have at least one because of their versatility in preparing everything from Fried Chicken to Baked Goods. They continually appear on Television food programs and in cookbooks as a favorite of the chef and for good reason. No other cooking utensil facilitates direct transfer from stovetop to oven quite like a cast iron skillet which makes cooking that expensive steak to perfection an easy and tasty task. Our selection of skillets were hand picked based on quality and value and research from the various Cast Iron Cooking resources available. You just can’t go wrong with these whether you’re a first time user or just looking to pick up something for a gift. Get Cooking!


If you’re purchasing a Cast Iron Skillet for the first time there are two factors you need to consider. Size and weight. For non-vintage cast iron (ie modern) the dimensions of the skillet are usually measured from the top. A good rule of thumb is to subtract 1.5 to 2 inches to figure out the cooking surface area. For example a 10″ skillet gives you an 8″ cooking surface. The other factor is weight. Wrestling a 25lb. turkey sitting in a 15lb. skillet from a 350 oven can present a serious challenge in addition to a burn risk. The 10’s make good utility skillets for light cooking tasks, the 12’s are great for everyday use and the 15’s might require some trips to the gym for the upper arms.


Lodge 12

Lodge 12″ Skillet

Lodge has been making fine quality Cast Iron Cookware for decades. Made in the USA, they have honed the process of Cast Iron Production to an art form. Pre-Seasoned direct from the factory you can start using them with a minimum of fuss. Available from Amazon in the following sizes, you just can’t go wrong!

Lodge 10″ Skillet: Buy From Amazon Here.
Lodge 12″ Skillet: Buy From Amazon Here.
Lodge 15″ Skillet: Buy From Amazon Here.




Universal Housewares 15" Skillet

Universal Housewares 15″ Skillet

Universal Housewares make a great line of value cookware including cast iron skillets.

Universal Housewares 8.5″ Skillet: Buy from Amazon Here!
Universal Housewares 12.5″ Skillet: Buy from Amazon Here!
Universal Housewares 15″ Skillet: Buy from Amazon Here!




Camp Chef Commemorative 12.5

Camp Chef Commemorative 12.5″

Camp Chef offers a commemorative series of cast iron skillets with historic American scenes cast onto the bottom surface. The image featured is the Lewis and Clark edition, and would make a great collectors item. And cooking in it will only make it better over time. Definitely worth a look if you’re looking for something special.

Camp Chef 10″ Skillet: Buy from Amazon Here!
Camp Chef 12″ Commemorative Skillet: Buy from Amazon Here!
Camp Chef 14: Commemorative Skillet: Buy from Amazon Here!