Pan Grill-It


 A unique alternative for stove-top grilling.


Pan Grill-it

Pan Grill-it in action

One of the many things we do here at the Cast Iron Pan Store is to look for unique cast iron cookware items. We stumbled across an inventor from Michigan who created a great multitasking insert for a cast iron skillet. Placed into a suitably sized skillet, it allows for grilling a wide variety of food without having to purchase a separate grill. Manufactured in the United States by Lodge Manufacturing, a well known manufacturer of cast iron products, it adds a nice touch to the skillet you already have.






Scott Lewis, who invented cast iron grill it, focuses on preparation of healthy and nutritious grilled products. Indeed cast iron skillets are not just for bacon and eggs anymore. In addition it’s a great space saver as we collectors of cast iron cookware with small kitchens can attest to. An additional benefit to this product is that it also eliminates buying a meat trivet for a dutch oven and you can get some great grill marks on that roast before popping it into the oven to finish.

Scott Lewis Pan Grill-it

Nice Kitchen Scott!

The Pan Grill-it measures 9.5″ in diameter making it suitable for a 12″ skillet or a 7 Qt dutch oven that has a cooking surface of 10.5″ (remember there’s a 2″ flare on most cast iron cookware). Cleaning and storage is the same as for most cast iron products. It’s also priced very competitively with standalone grills of similar size and you can store it right in your skillet. This will quickly become one of your favorites in the kitchen.

You can get one of these amazing grills right here from Amazon.

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